On that link you can find the registration form for the Aikido Summer Seminar with Stéphane Goffin (6. dan aikikai) at Vonyarcvashegy. (By the lake Balaton, Hungary.)

Date: 5 August – 9 August, 2020.

Place: Hungary, Vonyarcvashegy, Gym of the Eötvös Károly Primary School.

Adress: Vonyarcvashegy, Fő u. 84, 8314.

More than 300 m2 of tatami!

Teacher: Stéphane Goffin, 6. dan aikikai

Stéphane Goffin teaches continuously and gives aikido seminars in many countries. He is also a technical director of aikido groups in many different countries.


All seminar: 100 EUR

Weekend: 50 EUR

One day: 20 EUR

(Possibility for a simple accomodation and simple full meal for 5 days at the Youth Camp: 105 EUR)

For more informations about the aikido summer seminar, please visit the website of Zumm Aikido (http://zummaikido.hu) or send an email to gergely.csak @ gmail.com.

Accomodatiton possibility (very simple, 5 bed rooms): Balatongyörök, Smiling Faces Youth Camp, adress: Balatongyörök, Horgász u. 2, 8313


Please fill in the application form. The registration fee is 30 EUR what you can send to:

Name: Séllei Beatrix; IBAN account nr: HU75 1040 0872 7755 5754 5350 1012; SWIFT code: OKHBHUHB; Chips Univ Id.: 295491 (Additional Routing codes); LEI code: KFUXYFTU2LHQFQZDQG45; Adress of the bank: H-1095, Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 9.


Day of arrival (5. August) : 13:00-17:30 Registration, 18:00-19:30 First aikido training, welcome party from 20.30;

Every seminar day: 10:00-11:00 – Weapons training (buki-waza), 11:05-12:00 – Aikido training, 18:00-19:30 Aikido training;

Day of departure (9. August): 10.00-11:00 – Weapons training (buki-waza), 11:05-12:00 – Aikido training, 12.00 – Placing the mats and departure.